Movember for Charity


Movember isn’t just a pun for November. This is a serious event that millions of people partake in every year, and our team of personal trainers are happy to announce that we are taking part in the Movember for charity.



What is the World is Movember?

Movember is all about spreading the word about some of the issues that men face each and every day around the world:

And there’s so much more that the Movember movement supports, too. The Movember Foundation tries to foster and facilitate collaboration, understand, promote and advocate for men’s health, build evidence on what works and doesn’t work, invest in clinical research and finally mobilize men around the world to take part in spreading the word about men’s health.

When you see men around the world start growing mustaches during November, now you know why.

Why We Joined the Movement

We’re going to be honest with you – we didn’t know much about Movember initially. We definitely saw men walking around with mustaches, but as a group, we didn’t understand what this was all about. Why are men growing mustaches? What does it mean? Is this a fad?

As we began to research, we realized that there are a growing number of men, especially young men, that do not take their own health seriously.

While cancer and mental health are definitely more of a medical issue, we do know that physical inactivity is a growing problem – we see it in our clients every day. Being personal trainers, we know that being inactive can cause in myriad of different problems, and we want to do our part with helping the Movember movement educate and eliminate physical inactivity in men around the world.

Through our personal training, this is the perfect fit for us as we already promote a healthy lifestyle, and want to further educate men of problems that they may face in the future with their health.