Professional Strength and Fitness Conditioning America – we sound like a group of superheroes, don’t we? That was our goal. We believe that everyone has a superhero within them, but sometimes we don’t have the right information or encouragement to truly reach our potential in both strength and fitness.

It’s a shame because all it takes is dedication to reach your goal.

We know that it’s far too easy to fall back into old habits of eating bad food, physical inactivity and watching your goals pass you by day after day. Don’t let us fool you, we weren’t always in this great of shape. At one time or another, all of us, each and every trainer, decided that it was time to change our lives and get out of the rut of being unhealthy.

Professional Strength and Fitness Conditioning America is all about:

  • Education
  • Encouragement
  • Getting you in shape

We aim to inform and teach all of our readers about strength and fitness conditioning. Sure, we may also talk a little bit about your diet (cheat meals can happen every day), stretching (my least favorite) and touch upon other different fitness-related material.

But everything we talk about will have a direct effect on your fitness and strength levels.

Who We Are

You’ve been reading all of our rambles above, but we almost forgot to tell you who we are as a team.


Will is our go-to guru who knows everything about everything related to strength training. Being in the field for several years, he has been able to help countless people boost their strength while spending less time at the gym.

It’s not all about food, it’s also about the proper amount of weight, your routine and form.


James is a person you want on your side to learn anything about fitness. While he may not be a specialist like Will, he knows a lot about everything: fitness, diet, injuries, routines and strength training.


Abby is less interested in strength training than her counterparts, but she is interested in functional training. This is your yoga, stretching and diet expert. Abby will have you moving with ease, eliminating your pain and finally being able to lose those few extra pounds that are been hanging around for far too long.

At Professional Strength and Fitness Conditioning America, it’s all about changing your lifestyle to one that is healthy and promotes physical fitness. We encourage you to get out of your chair today, and start moving forward on your fitness goals this very second.